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Ship Subject Unit(s) To:

Arobotech Systems
1524 E. Avis Drive
Madison Heights, MI 48071

Shipments From Outside United States

Shipments must have noted on all paperwork: “These goods were manufactured in the united states and are being returned for repair”

Shipping Terms Must Be DDP

Contact us with any questions:
+001 248-588-9080

Notify Us On Shipments

Notify us at sales@german.arobotech.com when shipment is made so we can track and prepare our evaluation team.

Authorized products may be returned to Arobotech for free-of-charge performance / condition evaluation with the following conditions: Label “Return for Evaluation”, include a description of the symptom or failure that prompted the return, include contact information, packaging should be sufficient to prevent damage during transit, customer is responsible for all shipping charges.


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